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      viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

      If I were more conscious...

      - If I were more conscious i would:
      • Stop drinking Coca Cola
      • Stop eating meat, because of economy itself
      • Stop smoking weed, because of the druglords here, they're stupid fucks
      • I fucking love Coca Cola!
      • Daaamn meat is delicious man, seriously omnomnom.
      • Feels good sir...

      Now your turn.

      68 comentarios:

      I dont drink coke but i like meat to much =/ following :)

      GIVE UP DRUGS? MARIJUANA?! hell fucking no I wouldn't lol!

      & yeah, coca coka.. I could never :P
      Although I do love pepsi better... xD

      I LIKE EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE, the way it is right now. LOL

      Ya, I'm on the meat nomnom team over here!

      Coca cola hit the spot. I knwo its bad, and i know should stop. I just cant do it, love it to much :S

      gahh, I gave up drinking soda a year ago. I can still taste it.

      Meat is delicious I;m so jealous of carnivores.

      Give up the coke! You'll get used to water pretty quickly

      Stop eating crap, Ahhhw fuck it i wont :D

      Start traing, Awwww fuck it i wont :D

      I should cut down the amount of coffee I drink but how else will i power through late night papers? Haha!

      I'd stop procrastinating at work...

      ...But I get paid the same amount, so why not >_>

      I would start my Thesis instead of blogging xD

      theres a lot of things that i should give up, thats for sure.

      -Work out more
      -Eat less
      -Clean my house regularly


      -I'd rather just cook
      -Well, I have to eat what I just cooked
      -Yea, well, I'm tired after that big meal I just ate...

      I'm not much of a soda drinker (except with a few liquor drinks). We all have our little vices. :P

      Well, if I were a bit more conscious I would get serious with my studies, use less the computer, and probably do more excersice, but hell, I love it right now.

      I'd probably open my 3rd eye chakra and shoot energy blasts out of my mouth. I'd probably eat more raw meat too.

      all the good things are always bad for you :P

      I would Exercise more, and im guessing i would try to be less horny, but no way in hell i would stop drinking.

      I'm totally conscious of all those things I'm just not going to stop.

      I would stop telling people about BUT... I own it and love it so I wont!

      I'd stop slacking
      I'd run a mile every sunrise
      I'd stop drinking cola

      Straight loled. If I were more conscious I would...

      1. Walk to work/class
      2. Workout instead of eat chipz all day
      3. Stop fucking around and finish school.


      1. My car is col brah
      2. chips are the best thing ever
      3. I don't know about this one.

      I could never stop eating meat :D

      haha! indeed, it feels good man. :D

      uhh thats why u get a medical card. lol

      If I were more conscious, I'd probably get a job :P

      I just stopped smoking weed, and just got back to drinking a glass of coke here and there, haha.

      I'd work out more often
      I like to play video games too much :(

      I would work out more
      but I play too many video games :(

      I have a pretty similar situation. I understand how much things I do suck, but.. eh.

      Soda is worth quitting. It's full of chemicals.

      i'd finish my damn thesis already.

      I drink tons of coke and eat tons of meat! Check out my new blog,, if you haven't yet!

      Also, In addition to my last comment. I love coke too! I would never be able to stop drinking it.

      for a start you could try one of those things every day, so day 1 no meat, day 2 no weed, ...

      if i were more conscious, i would go to the gym more

      I'm already fully conscious. I do what I want. :|

      I LOVE the taste of meat! But I've been a vegetarian for ages :) My consious somehow wins from the omnomnom :D

      I stopped eating meat and don´t drink cola...

      I think mine are pretty much the same. Although I'd love to live off the land but can't coz I'll get labelled a crazy hippy and I'd feel too judged.

      hah hmmmm.. give up candy =/ but I can't do that!!

      i used to drink a lot of coke, but have been going 3 months so heavily cutting back.

      A life without Coca-Cola? Impossible.

      have you fallen under the vagen or are you going strong, free from cola? XD

      Those things are my life, i want my life :)

      I would stop drinking coffee.
      I would stop drinking alcohol.
      I would study Japanese more.


      I love coffee
      I enjoy drinking
      I'm laaaaaazzzzyyyy

      stopped drinking coke awhile back, and started working out more oftwen
      feelsgood bro

      no smoking for me! nice blog!

      I don't even like cola all that much!! Following!

      if i were more conscious, i would listen more.

      Nah I'd never be able to stop coke =) Come check me out,

      Nice Blog. apreciate the post. Followed =)

      I have this exact same problem. Every night I smoke weed, then drink coke for cottonmouth and eat meat for munchies... I dont give a fuck though LOL when you're young you are invincible!

      -kick my lazy ass outside, to studying and to work

      Meh. I think they are all fine in moderation.
      Sweet blog, man!

      It is not from nature, but from education and habits, that our wants are chiefly derived.

      I hate how much torture livestock has to go through to feed our civilization but they just taste so damn good.

      Haha I agree on all of them except the meat. That's not that difficult for me but the weed... not easy

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