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      martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

      We're back! New brand content!

      Hello again!

      This blog is alive again, I'm truly sorry for the lack of content the past days, some problems showed up but this time i'm fixing things up and refreshing all content, i'll be uploading useful tips each day to make your day easier, have a look! A quick read can make your day easier and helpful, or even more interesting, we'll start with this one picture:

      How to forecast weather? Check it up! I bet it's gonna be useful for somebody, it's been super sunny these last days and this might be great to know in advantage if you'll be having more sun, or some rain maybe! Please notice I do not own the picture, just sharing as it is intended to! Stay in touch with our next post!

      19 comentarios:

      Hope to see more of your content!

      nice to see the new content , i like photography

      so, I never have to watch the weather forecast again?

      Oh wow, that's really handy! I've got to memorize this!

      i must profess that your graphic is very useful indeed

      waw great tips i never knew there were so many ways to predict the weather

      guess I can't blame the weatherman for bad weather now lol

      great tips man, will have to use them.

      Welcome back.
      Really enjoyed the picture.

      One I really remember is 'red sky at night shepards delight (n rain), red sky in the morning, shepards warning (it will rain).

      Nice post, keep up the good work!

      that pic reminds me of good weather... something i havent seen in a long time =(

      Very useful, thanks for the post.

      I only know the "red before morning, sailor's warning, red before night, sailor's delight"

      I forgot to say Welcome back, anyways welcome back ^_^

      This is such an awesome blog. Followed. :)

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