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      viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

      What's the hardest language?

      Hello and good morning! Thank you all for your support, I can't believe this blog is starting to have more visitors each day! I really appreciate your support!

      We will see today the easiest and hardest languages to learn (but what are the tips!?), if you want to start learning a new language this might be useful!

      Tell me, are you studying a language? Which languages do you speak? :)
      And also, do you like The Beatles? I'd like to share this beautiful picture:

      And of course the song of the day! Kraftwerk and their masterpiece ''Man Machine''

      Remember I do not own the pictures or the song, just sharing with you guys!

      32 comentarios:

      Im learning Japanese atm, finding that kinda easy, they say the hardest language to learn is English... lol

      the hardest language by far is English but a great tip for learning new languages is to think in it.

      apparently English is the hardest according to my old German teacher due to different tenses we use

      love the kraftwerk song !
      keep it up.

      awesome should post an inforgraph on how to make infographs

      I speak English and that's it. The Beatles are pretty cool.

      Very nice topic. Is it possible to get the language pic in higher resolution?

      This was really intersting! thanks

      The hardest language has to be English.

      I always imagined Mandarin was the hardest.

      I can read Hindi and speak a little bit although I'm not very good and am forgetting daily, and am learning Spanish at the moment.
      I can understand why people think English is hard, it is insanely irregular and not in the slightest bit phonetic but the grammar is so easy really, compared to other languages with what seem like hundreds of conjugations (like Spanish).

      No the hardest language to learn is acient Aztec, Egyptian hyrogliphics or old latin.

      but unless your a linguist no ones going to try learning it lol.

      Oh no! this might be interesting, but the infographic is so small!!

      id say the hardest language is english or a symbol language or polish (depending on what you learned first)

      I'm, Spanish and my language it's so easy! :D

      i spent 2 years trying to learn spanish and i still only speak very little so I dont think I have much hope learning the med/hard ones!

      Spanish speaker here lol!

      In the past I've tried to learn French but that was only limited to what my high school could teach me. I currently know English and Spanish but I would like to learn German.

      Currently learning Chinese i'm still awful lol so hard!

      Nice! now I can see the infographic how it's supposed :)

      Die Menssssch Maschineeeeee
      Halb Wesen-sen-sen-sen und halb Ding!

      Fucking love Kraftwerk.

      I wish I knew these languages.

      what about the german language?

      planning on parlo italiano soon.
      But this is interesting to know

      i kinda figured the oriental languages would be the hardest to learn great info love to see more

      English is hard in writing. Other than that, it's a really easy language to learn.

      Good thing I wanna learn just spanish seeing as I'm half puerto rican and all :P and I only speak english for now!

      Actually learning Japanese isnt all that hard, or so I've heard...

      ahhh, learning arabic was hard.

      It would be so cool to learn a bunch of languages. Looks like it would take a while though...

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