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      jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

      How to give the perfect handshake?

      A nice, self-confident handshake ALWAYS says a lot about ourselves, check these quick tips, and give better hand shakes! This formula works all the time, good luck out there! It's way worthy if you're looking for a job :)!
      I also want to share with you this awesome wallpaper I found, check it up! The periodic table of Typefaces, it's always good to have a look at them.

      And the song of the day! Fernsehapparat, by And One

      Thank you for coming to my blog, remember I do not own any of this content, I'm only sharing! Stay in touch! 

      22 comentarios:

      hahaha i never know whether to shake someones hand or not, the awkward moment when you mess the shake up :p happenened many times :(

      Helpful. I guess I kinda need this because a few weeks back, a teacher told me I had a weak, girly handshake...

      Gonna help a bunch at my job =)

      I guess i need this because usually i just flip people off :)

      just as my business professor said :)

      I look forward to more tips.

      lol more people need to learn how to shake hands, it makes me sad when i get that way to light useless handshake

      I just found a new wallpaper :D

      Good guide, thanks for the tips. Ill use it in an interview next time.

      that typeset table is pretty handy! thanks for sharing

      who doesnt already know how to give a good handshake?

      haha im sorry but everyone should know how to give a handshake :)

      I shall now give out the best handshakes this world has ever seen.

      whoa. i love those info images. following now. :)

      i hate weak handshakes, more people should give good handshakes

      Even had to take courses about this once -.- . good stuff tho haha

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