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      sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

      Left? Right? Which one are you?

      Here we have a well explained infographic, if you're not sure, check it out, you might suprise yourself!
      So which one are you? Left? Right? Share your thoughts!

      The song of the day is Morgenfugl, by Rumpistol Relaxing IDM/Ambient for your ears!

      Remember I do not own the pictures or the song, just sharing with you guys!

      24 comentarios:

      Nice daily tip! followed!!

      I think I'm like right down the middle. Some things from both are true about me

      I do not understand how that explains that the left interferes with society and social lives.

      Nice picture. well I'm more of a left winger than right.

      People is more complicated that "left" and "right".

      I mostly disagree with the right.

      I'd say left. Haha. Pretty interesting infographic.

      Greatly enjoyed the music, thanks!

      I think to clarify, the left wants to interfere with society economically. The right wants to interfere in society when it comes to questions of religious views of morality.

      I'm most definitely a left wing.

      I don't think you're aloud to post stuff you don't have the rights to.

      on the middle,leaning to the left :D

      I don't think anyone falls solely in one category. Everybody has some of each.

      Seen the info-pic before--- but still a good reminder for those without a polsci degree.

      nice info, i guess i'm more on the left wing !

      I'm a little of both and will always educate myself on a topic before having an opinion.

      That's a great infographic, by the way.

      This needs to be explained more but otherwise. A good "general" look at it.

      definately right. more conservative regarding politics.

      I'm one of those idiots who actually votes based on the candidates.

      i cant keep my eyes of your page mmm

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