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      sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

      Goethes Erben & Peter Heppner - Glasgarten

      This is a great song... Enjoy.

      ''Nur der Mond weist den weg zum Morgen erlaubt der Sonne einen neuen Tag''

      Haven't wrote since a couple of years.

      Regards all... My blog is just starting. :)

      16 comentarios:

      It's never too late to start blogging again, as long as you do it.
      Good luck!

      haha nice song!
      -following and $upporting!

      That is a pretty nice song, I like it =D

      Hey i am new to blogging also...good luck...will follow u :)

      I like the song too! Now following.
      Also, will the posts be in english from now on? :P

      great background on this, bro!

      Thanks for sharing the song,

      Liking it

      I love Ghoetes Erben, sad they don't make new stuff

      Great stuff! Followed!

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