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      martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

      Bjørn Hellfuck!

      Ever heard of him? Quite good musicians, or at least funny, i love their music. Tell me what you think, and also share, what's your favorite music style/genre?

      Krabbeklo by Bjørn Hellfuck, the song of the day, enjoy!

      32 comentarios:

      It's pretty catchy. I like mashups, especially girltalk

      Don't understand a word in it, like the rythm en melody tho xD

      following! :)

      He really is funny! Following!!

      that was... interesting, haha. followed!

      So nice to have a music video that can transcend the language barrier.

      There's always so many different kinds of music out there :)

      Can't really go wrong with a name like Bjorn Hellfuck!

      Followed and Supported.

      oh look it's another reason why I'll be crying myself to sleep tonight

      That was some crazy stuff, 1+ follower.

      its somewat catchy, also thanks for the nice comment

      Has an awesome tune. >_< a little freaky though

      that was probably the funniest thing i've seen all day.

      that drinking mask is amazing I want one!

      Haha Michael Myers on guitar... +followed

      No way is that actually his last name.
      Hellfuck? Come on.

      hahah that music video was truly Psychedelic xD ill be back for more crazy tunes thanks for sharing!

      i love this blog so much i'm going to visit it ALL THE TIME :D :D :D awesome blog bro!!!!

      Sexy ass song. Beats and Rhythms always get me.

      I kinda got addicted to the song, thanks alot! post more songs please. =)

      great post. looking forward to reading your next one

      Thanks for share! Will check them out further.

      Music is the same in any language. Thanks for sharing this! :D

      My favorite genre of music is "Good" music.

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